Clarion Call

I am of the belief that everyone has a purpose in life. 

Everyone has that special something that sets them a part.

That qualifies them to rise up to that purpose and meet it head on. 

The problem is, though, life gets in the way. 

Life is messy and chaotic. 

At times, it's downright depressing and incredibly hard to get through day by day. 

Let alone trying to find that exact something you are called to be. 

And then sometimes you think you find it, only to discover that wasn't it at all. 

I thought I wanted to be doctor. 

An emergency physician actually.

It felt so right I could feel it in my bones. 

Then, in college, I spent two weeks in physics and walked out crying. 

I realized then and there I would never make it. 

I actually still cry about it sometimes, nearly 8 years later. 

How odd. 

I sat in my adviser's office bawling because I knew I had to change majors. I knew I had to change my career choice. And I was devastated. 

Luckily, she was incredibly patient and kind.

She sat with me in what was one of my darkest times in college. 

We went back to the drawing board. 

And she asked me one single questions that would forever alter how I thought about my purpose in life. 

What are you passionate about?

I had never really thought about it before and I didn't know how to answer her. 

Long story short, I discovered that my passion was helping people.

I was able to slowly narrow it to something more specific within that.

Something that fascinated me.

The behavior of people.

Even more specific. The behavior of people when they are in love. 

How it consumes them.

How it dictates every other aspect of their life. 

I found a career within that, and it fit me perfectly. 

And I've never been happier. 

So my question to you is...

What are you passionate about?

Once you answer that question, figure out what fascinates you within that.

And once you find that, I guarantee you'll find your purpose and calling in life.

It's a special thing once you find it, so don't waste time! 

Act, without hesitation! 

Work as hard as you can to answer that call. 

I promise it will be the best decision you ever make. 

Still struggling to answer those questions?

Call me and let's figure it out together!