Initial Deep Dive Consultation - 80 Minutes

I want you to have plenty of time to tell me about yourself and the issues you are facing without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Talking to a stranger can be scary. I want to give you the chance to go slow, and to get to know me as your counselor. How you feel matters to me, and I want you to feel comfortable. We will talk about your family and your friends, your job, and more because these all help make you who you are. We will work together to make goals for counseling and come up with a great plan to help you feel better and make positive changes. I will be right there beside you, supporting and guiding you, the entire time. Your investment in this process will be $200.00 (Maryville) or $184.00 (Knoxville).

Individual and Couples Session - 50 minutes

After your Initial Deep Dive Consultation, we will continue with 50 minute sessions. I recommend coming on a weekly basis, but I want you to create a counseling experience that works for you. We will use this time to talk about the issues you are facing and how to create positive changes. I want to understand how your issues got started and how you make sense of them, and I want you to begin to feel peace and joy again. Each session is an investment of $125.00 (Maryville) or $115.00 (Knoxville).

Extended Individual and Couples Session - 80 minutes

I usually reserve extended sessions for couples. I have found that when two people are in the room, 50 minutes can sometimes not be enough time. You both are feeling so much and I want to give you time to express those feelings and talk about your experience in the relationship. I will never choose sides. Both of you matter equally to me, and I treat your relationship as my client. Each session is an investment of $200.00 (Maryville) or $184.00 (Knoxville).

*Once you schedule a session, that time belongs to you and a 24-hour notice of cancellation is required. Without 24-hours notice, the full fee will be charged.  

Methods of Payment

Cash, check, credit card, and Square are all accepted forms of payment. Payments will be collected at the end of each session.

*There is a 4% administrative fee that is charged per Square transaction.


I am currently working out of network, but I do offer counseling packages that will help save you a little money. Click the link below to learn more.