What is EFT?

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a specific type of couples counseling that works directly with the bond you share. We are hard wired for the need to connect with others. It isn't just a desire, it is necessary for our well-being and survival. We aren't meant to be alone, and when we feel like we aren't connected to the person we love the most our body physically and emotionally responds to that. We feel angry or scared and react in those emotions. Once we react, it sets the stage for our partners to respond with anger or fear. This negative cycle goes round and round pushing you further and further apart. EFT works to correct that negative cycle to bring you closer and more in love. 

How does it work?

EFT is a structured approach to couples counseling that typically spans 8 to 20 sessions. Emotion is the language couples use when responding to one another. We usually either get angry and raise our voice or pull away in sadness and fear. In session, we focus on emotional responses and how they drive the negative cycle you constantly find yourselves in. We will work with your communication and those emotional responses that will allow you to find new and positive ways of interacting. This will ultimately help you create a stronger bond that will allow you to feel more connected in the intimate way you long for. 

Does EFT work?

Research shows that 70 - 75 percent of couples successfully move from distress to re-connection! It also shows that 90 percent of couples show significant improvement when utilizing EFT. Not only does it work, but it lasts. Couples have reported that positive communication changes and the deeper connection have remained years after completing EFT. 
EFT also works across a wide range of issues, from addiction to depression to infidelity. Research shows significant improvements were made in both the bond and the issues individuals experienced. Enjoy the video below for more information on EFT.