Disney Hangover

But really.   

Think back to that moment when you realized real life relationships weren't Disney fairy-tales.

I remember feeling devastated and pretty hopeless. It took me a little bit to realize I could still have movie moments in my relationship as long as I worked for it.

No one teaches you how to actually have a good relationship. Parents don't talk to you about that kind of stuff. I seem to recall my mom always saying, "Just don't come home pregnant". That's not relationship advice. Honestly, that's not even practical life advice because she didn't even tell me how not to get pregnant.

(Sidenote: I did eventually learn that)

Despite all that, I learned how to actually work in and for my marriage. It wasn't easy, but it did get easier over time. And the love I feel both toward and from my husband... definitely Disney-like!

It's not hopeless and you actually can love your partner like Meg Ryan loved Tom Hanks in all those 90s movies. 

Probably not all the time like Sleepless in Seattle made you believe. You're thinking of when they walked out of the Empire State Building aren't you? 

You can definitely have tons of moments like that. 

You can be wildly happy and insanely in love with your other half! You just have to put some work in... and I can teach you how!

We may whistle while we do it. Who knows!